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Kråkeneset (Vestkapp), Måløy, 2007-06-19

This site shows pictures I have taken various places in Norway, together with various kinds of comments, probably some interesting, some not. Most pictures are taken with digital cameras, and some are scanned from older colour slides or even b&w film. There are more than 650 main pictures size 1200×1600 pixels.

I have tried to arrange the pictures in a logical way – with moderate success. Start the navigation on the top of the page. You may also try clicking on the top heading and on the little bird.

Extra pages

picture missing Iceland – visits June 2010 and August 2013
(∼225 pictures)
picture missing Wallpapers 2560×1440px – suited for wide screens up to 1440p/QuadHD, typically 27"

History of this site

I started this hobby after the turn of the millennium, when most of my pictures were on Kodachrome slides, we had dial-up internet and the files to download should be kept small. As the web got faster, the picture sizes could be increased and their quality be improved. New pictures was added now and then and some of the old ones was removed. As the web got faster, the structure of the site has also been changed several times (that was part of the fun), and by 2021 it had become rather unwieldy. Now, near the end of that year, the site has been totally revamped, keeping a large part of the pictures and captions, and adding some new ones.

How to contact the author

Name: Sverre Stølen
Postal address: Skjetnemarkvegen 23B, 7081 Sjetnmarka, Norway
E-mail address:
Phone: +47 41760401