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About this site

The pictures

are all taken by me except a few special ones. Some pictures are scanned from slides, but most of them are taken with digital cameras.

The pixel sizes

of any regular picture is selectable: 640×480 and 1600×1200 pixels. There is also a "wallpaper" section with 1920×1080 pixels images.

The image file size – and the download time

depend on the pixel size and the compression, but with broadband this has become less important

The compression

reduces the file size substantially. The reduction depends on the complexity of the image and is then a compromise between high image quality and small file size/fast download

The picture screen size

on this site is designed to be either equal to the pixel size or, if too large, reduced by the browser, making the width e.g. 4/5 of the window width


The website's markup language

is XHTML (strict) written with a text editor (NoteTab Pro) and validated using the CSE HTML Validator Std.

Valid XHTML 1.0!

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

add style to web pages and greatly simplify writing and maintaining them. All these standards are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

My website host

at the moment is iPowerWeb situated in U.S.A. (Webmasters don't usually tell you, do they?)

This logo

is found in the bottom right corner of my images. There is also a corresponding favicon ps shown on the address line and tab


If you want to use any of the images, please visit the Copyright page. The copyright symbol is redundant and is not used on this site.

E-mail me 

please if you have comments or questions, I'll be happy to reply. And if you find one or more errors, I'll be grateful if you tell me

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