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My images are copyrighted

Actually that goes without saying. A copyright notice is not required according to the BERNE CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF LITERARY AND ARTISTIC WORKS (Paris Text 1971) . This is heavy stuff, so to find out what is permitted on the Web, it's easier to read e.g. Copyright and the Internet (Virginia Montecino at George Mason University). The latter article pertains to U.S. law, but U.S. did sign the Berne Convention in 1989.


I don't earn my living on the Internet; photo and web design are two of my hobbies. So I believe in sharing. I give you, somebody else gives me. I'm giving you some images of varying artistic and informative quality, your enjoyment is my enjoyment.

Home use

You may of course freely use my images as desktop wallpapers or print them to decorate your office or your home.

On your web site

You are also free to put a few of my images on your website, but you must as usual refer to the source on each page showing my images. The reference should contain my name (Sverre Stølen) and a link to my site (http://exviking.net/). In html the link may looks like this:
<a href="http://exviking.net/">Sverre Stølen</a>.
(If you don't declare charset=utf-8, please write the letter ø as &oslash; )

Commercial web sites

If your web site can be classified as commercial, please ask me. In most cases I'll permit the use of images without any fee, provided you refer to the source as explained above.


Printing images in books, magazines, etc, is an other matter. This also includes distribution on CD or DVD. Please ask me. If the publication is obviously non-commercial I usually give my permission provided reference is made to my name (Sverre Stølen) and my homepage (http://exviking.net/). The price for one or a small number of pictures will be a copy of the publication in question. If the publication is commercial, please email me a proposal.

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updated 2009-04-29