The great view, the 'Romsdal Alps'

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A part of what is said to be Molde's tourist attraction number one, the view of the 'Romsdal Alps'. This is seen from Varden, a hilltop with a restaurant above the town, altitude 407 m, accessible by foot (1 hour) or by car (10 min). It's claimed that 222 peaks may be seen. Bottom left Molde Cathedral and Molde Sport Park. To the right Molde Stadium and Seilet Hotel. Entering harbor two ferries, the largest one transporting cars coming from districts further south on the coast, the smaller one is frequenting islands in the fjord near Molde.

View of the 'Romsdal Alps'

U.S. Library of Congress, Photochrom Print Collection.

Colored black and white picture of the view from Varden probably 1890–1900.

The church here stands approximately on the same site as the present one. It was built in 1887 and was destroyed by German bombs in 1940.

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