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The name of the river running down the valley Romsdalen is Rauma. It might not be evident, but the name of the valley was once derived from the name of the river. The name of the river was also taken as the name of the municipality. The mountain in the middle is Romsdalshorn (alt. 1550 m). Although surrounding mountains are higher, Romsdalshorn is very conspicuous and the natural 'trade mark' of this district.

With the risk of adding to the name confusion, it should be mentioned that Romsdal used to be the name of a much larger administrative district extending all the way to the coast. The district Romsdal still exists and its 'capital' is Molde, but it's just a part of a larger administrative unit (Møre og Romsdal). Repeating: Romsdalen (the valley) – Romsdal ('large' district).

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