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Trollstigen (the Troll Ladder) is climbing the mountain through eleven hairpin bends. The waterfall is called Stigfossen, and the old (1936) stone bridge across it can be seen. This road was opened in 1936, but is usually closed in winter. To accommodate the increasing traffic, particularly the heavy tourist traffic during the summer season, the road has been widen a bit in some places and of course asphalted. In the autumn of 2005 the lowest part of the road was rebuilt to reduce the risk of rocks hitting travelers; the bend closest to the camera is evidently quite new. However, many tourist feel rather uncomfortable driving here, in particular on the upper part.

This sign in the upper part of Trollstigen has been removed (the tourists are sufficiently scared anyway). The risk of being hit by falling rocks is extremely small, at least after a recent and thorough cleanup of the cliffs above.

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