The Ringve cove

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Ringvebukta (the Ringve Cove) at the Trondheim Fjord, east of the town center. The old wooden house is popularly called 'Sponhuset' because the outer walls are covered with wooden shingles (Norw. 'spon'). It houses the cosy restaurant Strandheim. Passing by is Ladestien, the Lade fjord walk, eight kilometers long (some say 14 km; anyway, it's going to be extended eastwards). It's winding up and down, mostly through forests, as close as possible to the fjord. A lot of people come here all the year to exercise or just get some fresh air. Or sun or take a bath – when the temperature is sufficiently above freezing. Did I tell you that most Norwegians suffer a bad conscience if they skip their Sunday walk?

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