SINTEF Multiphase Flow Laboratory

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The tower is a part of the SINTEF Multiphase Flow Laboratory at the river Nidelva, established in 1982 to solve problems with transporting mixtures of oil and gas trough the same tubes. (You know, in the Norwegian Sea crude oil and gas is extracted from below the sea floor.) To the right a part of the Norwegian Fire Research Laboratory is seen. This is also a part of the SINTEF Group. Originally this laboratory resided on the campus of the (then) Norwegian Technical University, but its persistent inclination of polluting its environment forced it to move out.


The  SINTEF  (INdustrial and TEchnical) research organization was established in 1950 by the Technical University of Norway – as a commercial extension of the university. The coexistence prove fruitful for everybody and now the employee count of the SINTEF Group is roughly 2000 and the activities also includes 'softer' fields, notably 'Health Research' and 'Technology and Society'.

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