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The cairn on Blåhø

cairn on Blåhø

August 1994 on the top of Blåhø. The lake Gjevilvatnet is seen far below. The cairn was built in 1893 according to the inscription on the cast iron shield. In Norway cairns are built on virtually all mountain tops, but inscriptions are rare.

cairn in Blåhø

July 1990 on the top of Blåhø. Somebody, evidently having caught the spirit of the shield inscription, had placed a small Norwegian flag on the cairn. Let me explain. Since 1814 Norway had been in union with Sweden with a Swedish king. Norwegians generally disliked this and nationalism was growing, culminating in 1905 when the union was broken up. The official Norwegian flag had the Union flag ("the herring salad" shown below) in the upper hoist side square. In 1893, the year this cairn was built, the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) passed the first bill to make the pure Norwegian flag the official one, but the King vetoed it. In 1898 the bill was passed the third time, and the next year it became law notwithstanding the King's continued refusal to sign.

A copy of the inscription is shown. Here is a word by word translation, ignoring the rhymes:

This cairn
today we built (up)
here on Blåhø's high top,
it greets welcome
every honest Norwegian
who loves his people
and his fatherland,
who testifies that this land
solely is ours
and turns all foreign
interference away

3/8 93
(i.e. 3 August 1893)

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