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Litjhelvetet (dialect:'The Little Hell') in the Trollhetta massif, Trollheimen. If you walk the (estimated) 9 hours route from Jøldalshytta to Trollheimshytta crossing Trollhetta you'll pass three peaks. The altitude of the first, easternmost, and lowest peak is 1522 meters. During the subsequent short descent from here you'll see this small lake 500 meters below. If you are new to steep mountains you might feel uneasy going over the edge to start the descent, but I assure you, this is not where you'll end your life. Be more worried about your knees being tortured by the 1000 meters steep descent from the third and highest (1614 m) peak. Returning to the image, top-right, 12 km south, the now familiar Blåhø.

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