Bakka and Nærøy church

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Bakka lies at Nærøyfjorden, a branch of Aurlandsfjorden which is a branch of Sognefjorden. Here this 17 kilometers long Nærøyfjorden is only 250 meters wide. Its name stems from the Norse god Njord, god of the sea, the winds and of prosperity. In the old days the people here rowed about 20 kilometers to the Undredal church. Undredal church. Undredal church. In 1835 a bridal boat was hit by a snow avalanche and ten persons was killed. After that the Nærøy church was built, finished in 1859. Today there are only 13 inhabitants in Bakka during the winter. But every summer three hundred thousand tourists pass closely by, cameras clicking on the ferry decks. The Nærøyfjord area is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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