An interesting coat of arms

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Before the place became a town the name was Fosen (also Fosna, Fossund). 'Fosen' meant 'the hiding place', in this case probably '... from wind and waves', i.e. 'safe harbor'. However, there is a similar Norwegian word, written 'foss(en)' that means (the) waterfall. In his letter of permit King Christian VI described the coat of arms for the new town. The King in Copenhagen obviously knew enough Norwegian to understand that "fos(s)en" meant "the waterfall"(!), therefore the coat of arms looks like the one below: A waterfall with three salmons on their way up. Well, this is a small island and there has never been a proper waterfall here. But when the map doesn't fit the landscape the obvious idea is to change the landscape. The depicted arrangement was made for the town's 250th anniversary.

coat of arms

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