Statue of Pillarguri in Otta

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Pillarguri, statue by Arne Mæland (1998) in the small town Otta in the municipality Sel, Gudbrandsdalen. In 1612 an army of Scottish mercenaries was marching through the valley Gudbrandsdalen heading for Sweden. At Kringen near Otta an army of local farmers was waiting for them and defeated the Scots. A legend says that on the other side of the river stood a young girl, Pillarguri (or Prillarguri), and blew the signal to launch the attack. Another legend says that her role was to distract the Scots. And some say that she played the then common billy goat's horn. Who knows – after four hundred years.


Café in Otta (the correct Norwegian word is 'kafé').

coat of arms

The Sel coat of arms.

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