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A sculpture on the east headland (Åbåten). It's a rooster, a literal interpretation of a less common Norwegian word, "glohane" = "ember rooster", here taken to mean "pork meat roasted on a spit". (One may also suspect a second meaning, local to Trondheim: "a strong alcoholic drink", which also seems to be appropriate, at least historically.) Members of "Trondhjems Seilforening" (yachting club) sail past for their annual barbecue in the vicinity and raised this "seamark" for their 1998 centennial.

(On the calm sea behind a few eider couples can be seen. The female duck is dark (brown), the male has a lot of white during the mating season and the whole winter. More about the eiders below.)

Members of "Trondhjems Seilforening" are a strange bunch. Near the sculpture they own a large cabin and at the road to this cabin they put up this monument to celebrate another centennial. The heading is, translated, "The Empire Cuba / 100 years / 1906–2006 / / Erected by the Wise Council". Centennials are great excuses for celebrations, and you may have noted that there was one in 1998 and one in 2006. The first barbecue (glohane) took place in 1898 on a tiny and inhabited island a little more than two kilometers south of Tautra, called Øksningen (discernible in this picture). The islet was "annexed" and "The Republic of Cuba" was born. In 1906 there was a "coup d'état" and the "republic" turned into "The Empire of Cuba". We may also note that the landing condition on Øksningen is rather difficult, and after the "citizens" had been soaked a few times, also externally, the small "nation" was transferred to Tautra.

Trondhjems Seilforening was founded when both Norway and Cuba were in the process of obtaining independence. Norway was in union with Sweden from 1814 till 1905 and nationalism growing all the time (see also The cairn on Blåhø). Cuba had been a Spanish colony since it's "discovery", and in 1868 the fight for independence started. When it became known that hundreds of thousands of Cubans died in concentration camps, USA intervened and conquered Cuba in 1898, which resulted in the free Republic of Cuba in 1902.

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