Town hall

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Being completed in 1966, the Town Hall had a problem coming into existence. A requirement was that it must be kept low compared to its neighbor, the Molde Cathedral. The architects (Cappelen and Rodahl) solved it nicely by reducing the height of each storey, but visiting the offices is an unusual experience. There are flowers (including roses) in front of the building, and on its flat roof you'll find the largest rose garden in town. And close by, like around the Cathedral, more roses.

coat of arms

Molde became a town in 1742 and this is its coat of arms. During the bad years 1739-41 the herring in the fjord saved the people here from a famine, and it was believed that the whales (orcas?) scared the herring into the fjords. However, the indicated barrel had to be supplied by the people.

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