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The mound on Logtun, the old Frosta thingstead (Frostating), Trøndelag.

The region Trøndelag, often spoken of as "nordafjells" i.e. 'north of the mountains', became united maybe as far back as AD 600. The name means 'the region governed by the law (lag/log) of the Trønder people'. There were several counties (fylki), each with a chieftain (hofðing) and a local thingstead (þing), but once a year deputies and a lot other people met on the regional thingstead. Probably from about AD 935 on Logtun was that meeting place, and at the same time the region was expanded, increasing the number of counties from eight to twelve. This mound was the sacred place of the court. Here they agreed on laws and here the laws were applied. In 1274 the King took over the making of the laws, but the þings continued enacting the laws. Today Frostating is one of six high courts in Norway, but Trondheim has become its seat – and it performs behind doors.

The center stone on the mound was raised in 1915. Encircling it are twelve smaller stones representing the twelve counties, raised in 1930.

Or – maybe those stones were erected in the wrong place. Maybe the thingstead was on Logstein, a neighbor farm close to the sea, the old 'highway'. There is a suitable hill there, much larger than this mound. After all, close to five hundred deputes have been mentioned.

Frostating law

Inscription on the center stone, a quotation from the Frostating law:

By law shall our land be built and not by unlaw ruined

the church

The church on Logtun seems to have been build around 1500. The steeple, porch and other wooden parts were removed in 1868 when a new church had been built on another site. During the first half of the 1900s the church was restored, in 1950 it was consecrated anew, and in 1994 it got a new porch.

A preceding church is mentioned in the Frostating law about 1170, and some finds suggest that it was also built of stone. Allegedly a copy of the Frostating law was stored in the church in the old days.

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