Skåre, 7 farms near the northeast end of Stryn

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Skåre, in Hjelledalen, Stryn, at the road from Stryn to eastern Norway, where it starts climbing towards the mountains, meaning the two Strynefjellet roads (see the two previous pages). It is a village that used to comprise seven farmhouses and barns for seven farms, which is unusual; in this country farmhouses and barns normally stand on the matching farmland. But this is avalanche territory, and this site has been found to be the only safe one in the vicinity. Now the number of farms have been reduced to two, an example of the present trend in this country.

About a kilometer east of Skåre, in the south valley side facing Jøl bridge, there is a depression extending up to its top 1650 meters above sea level. Here a large and dangerous snowdrift (Napefonna) often forms. To protect the road traffic, the avalanche is routinely set off with explosives.

About six kilometers west of Skåre, approaching the lake Oppstrynsvatnet, a two and a half kilometer long tunnel was opened in 1996. It protects this part of the road from avalanches, but to visit the Hjelle hotel (or the Hjelle community) you have to choose the old road. (Guessing your question: The Hjelle hotel is closed in winter – because the tourists come mainly in summer.)

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