See the inside of Norway: Lærdalstunnelen, the world's longest road tunnel

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See the inside of Norway: Inside the Lærdal tunnel. It's 24.505 km and thus the longest road tunnel in the world. The picture shows one of three equidistant expansions. With the special lighting (designed by Brit Dyrnes and Erik Selmer) the expansions are supposed to alleviate the monotony, and of course give you a chance to turn back. There is an old road over the mountain high above the tunnel; from 2008 on it'll be a National Tourist Road. The views from it are great, but if you fear things like long tunnels you might not like this road either. And if you continue westwards you'll soon be going through Fenja-tunnelen (5.053 km) and Gudvangen-tunnelen (11.428 km)

There are more than 900 road tunnels in Norway, long and short, and the total length is more than 750 km. 23 of them are submarine tunnels, total length about 90 km, most of them connecting islands to the mainland. Please note that these figures keep increasing. Tourists generally dislike tunnels and enjoy traveling with the ferries, but they aren't here when snow avalanches come roaring down from the mountains.

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