Trampe, the bicycle lift

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The top of the steep street Brubakken with the top end of Trampe, the first (and only?) bicycle lift on this planet. It's a small upwards protruding foot rest running along the edge of the sidewalk (pavement). You just insert your special plastic card, place your right foot on the lift's foot rest and your butt on the bicycle seat, and you hopefully get a pleasant ride for 130 steep meters to the top of Brubakken. More than a hundred lazy cyclists actually use this contraption every day.


From the information board at the bottom of the hill.


The motor on top that pulls the wire. The technician has removed the cover.

March–April 2012: Trampe is being disassembled to be remounted in the Norwegian Road Museum in Lillehammer (at Hunderfossen). A new and safer bicycle lift will soon replace it.
May 2013: The new lift is installed and working. It is safer than the old one: Now the lift's foot rest never continues up the hill without a rider, but goes underground when not in use.

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