Old wharf warehouses after a fire

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On the mainland side of the Canal there is a long row of old wooden warehouses; these are built in the 1860s. They aren't warehouses any more, but house shops, restaurants and apartments. Although it would take some hundred years to complete the process, this town is burning down – two old buildings one year, six buildings the next year. It was simpler in the old days (as in 1219, 1295, 1481, 1531, 1651, 1681, 1708) when most of the town burnt down during a night and a day. This time it started the night before our Constitution day (17. May); three warehouses were destroyed beyond repair (which might not be apparent); the fractional dismantling of the rightmost house was done by the fire department to get at the flames. The wind direction was favorable and the smoke affected the celebration to a minor extent. In the middle of the day many firemen – having fought the fire all night – wet and with ashes in their faces – joined the 'citizen procession'. Within a couple of years there will be new buildings here, modern, but somehow in the old style.

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