Ringve museum of music and arboretum

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Small statue of Peter Wessel Tordenskiold (1690–1720) at the entrance of Ringve. Peter Wessel was born and grew up on this farm. He was quite wild, became a naval hero, was knighted with the name Tordenskiold, and lost his life in a silly duel. (This statue has now [2011] been removed because vandals repeatedly broke the sword. On the bottom of this page is shown a statue of the hero in the town Stavern, a former naval bastion in the south of the country.) Now the buildings on Ringve houses the National Museum for Musical Instruments. The previous farmland is occupied by an arboretum and a botanical garden (next picture).


You may also visit the Ringve website (English version)

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Statue of Tordenskiold in Trondheim, close to Vår Frue Church


Tordenskiold in Stavern